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ah dude same, arizona has chilled for the past couple of days so i can finally breaTHE

i wonder what fall is like in places that actually have it

its finally starting to be as low as eighty degrees here im so happy!! i can wear pants now

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jon risinger makes my heart beat faster

That’s called tachycardia. Go see a doctor and stop blaming me.

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omg geoff’s story about griffon is my fav

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Achievement Hunter Weekly Update #231 (Week of September 15, 2014)
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Guess you can say Tina and Ray are DAYTON


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So Ray and I are dating and we live together.

This is simply a statement of facts and in no way is it an open invitation for people to ask/dwell into our personal lives. I appreciate people respecting our privacy and not trying to ask us a bunch of questions about our private life. Thank you. <3 

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Storm the Tower: Lads Attack

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