Let’s Play - GTA V - Merica
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you guys should totes follow me on instagram

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i finally made an attempt to draw burnie


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Achievement Hunter Weekly Update:
#155 (Week of March 18th, 201

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Anonymous: I saw your background on mobile and thought it was a pic of mashed potatoes and I was like damn, he must love mashed potat- oh... right... Sorry...

all hail the mashed potato

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:・゚*Glory to Tim Hortons *:・゚✧

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Let’s Play - Goat Simulator
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 ”Ryan is an evil genius. I’m scared of that dude.”

"He’s got the long play terrorizing going on. It’s like you wake up one day and you’re like, ‘hey, this Ryan guy’s nice!’ and then a month goes by and it’s like, ‘how does Ryan own my house?’"

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caleb? more like bae-leb

denecour? more like i want dene-more

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caleb? more like bae-leb

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